Eddy Fadel

Digital Continuity with 3DEXPERIENCE in Industrial Equipment Industry


This presentation showed how industry solutions are helping Industrial Equipment companies transform their business, sharpening their competitive edge in today’s fast change economy. In a time when entire business models are being re-written it’ll become more important to have a flexible platform approach.

Improving Operational Agility, Increasing Engineering Productivity and reducing Time to Market are some of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform benefits showcased during this presentation and illustrated with actual customer experience.

About Eddy

Eddy’s mission is to develop the Go to Market (GTM) strategy for the Dassault Systèmes Industrial Equipment solutions which will address customers’ needs to adapt their business to the 4th industrial Equipment Revolution (related to local Government initiatives like Industry 4.0, Smart Industry, Industry of the future, MIC 2025, etc.).

The resulting industry solutions cover the numerous disciplines and challenges Dassault Systèmes customers are meeting like Organization Complexity, Modularity, System Engineering, Lean Manufacturing, Industrial Internet of Things, Connected and Smart Machines, Data Analytics and Predictive Maintenance.

Eddy has helped more than 65 customers adopt Dassault Systèmes industry solutions in the last 15 months enabling them to increase their productivity and reduce their time to market.

During this time, Eddy has overseen new market penetrations into Latin America and India and contributed to accelerating major industrial countries like China, Japan, Germany and North America

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