Peter Hawkins


HMD Global, the company behind a vibrant new Nokia brand, are shaking up the mobile communication market

If you are interested in what your next mobile phone might look like, and who isn’t, you might have caught a glimpse of some of the new Nokia phones.  Behind the resurgence of the brand that dominated the mobile phone market, not that many years ago, is an excellent example of Disruptive Technology in practice.  Peter Hawkins Technical Manager at HMD Global has kindly agreed to present at this year’s UK Intelligent Engineering Forum (UKIEF) in April.  He’ll share how HMD Global addressed some the challenges and opportunities presented in redefining the phone in your pocket whilst reigniting a well-deserved brand favourite. Its disruptive technology exploited the latest Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform and cloud technologies together with innovative work process and global skills resource, and is an excellent example of Intelligent Engineering that’s disruptive and not just a little bit edgy.

About Peter
Peter has over 12 years’ experience evolving best practices and methodology Globally within a product Design team, working from Art to Part. His expertise is in developing Methodology and “Master Surfacing Logic” to push the boundaries of what is possible within the Design tools. The impact of his work is not just innovative it’s disruptive. To develop his Intelligent Engineering systems even further he recently moved to 3DEXPERIENCE to reap the benefits of cloud based computing along with the rich tools that are available.

“From the very beginning I wanted us to all model in the same way, and reap the benefits associated to a harmonized way of working.”

The result of his recent work has been to maximise the surfacing capabilities of CATIA V5/V6 whist providing expert support to a global team.  This enables him to meet the constant raising of the level of expectations when it comes to Surface Quality and flexibility across the team/teams. Peter is an engaging and passionate speaker who will give delegates an insightful glimpse into the potential of his approach to design and how the right technology can deliver a step change improvement in competitive edge.


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